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Mac Ate A Dead Bird.. I Think

Guest Iheartgreys

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Guest Iheartgreys

We were on our walk and tomorrow is trash day, so Mac usually slows down a bit to smell the lovely odors in all the cans that have been set out tonight.

He sniffing and next thing i know he is chewing something and just a little piece is sticking out. I'm trying to get close to his mouth and saying Mac, No, Dropit, etc... and by the time i get to him he swallowed it.


I'm not exactly sure what it was but the little hanging out piece was white and looked a little furry. It was prob. about the size of a chicken wing.


Think i need to do anything? Or just let it "pass"?

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Guest BlackandBrindle

I'd just watch him and let him pass it naturally. Probably a bit of something that he shouldn't have, but won't hurt him because he got it anyway.


Mine have eaten birds, dead and alive, and dead ground squirrels without issue.

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