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White Tongue

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Andy is our resident runner. We have a track around our house thanks to his love of doing laps. A couple of months ago I noticed when he finished running his tongue was white and returned back to normal after about 30 seconds. Twice this week I have noticed the same thing. I know the heart pumps extra blood to the muscles when they are being used but I was surprised to see his tongue turn white after this. Our history with Carrier's heart problems has me paranoid, so I thought I would ask the question. Is this normal? Andy is otherwise completely acting fine.




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Guest KennelMom

Normal. I remember when I started lure coursing someone told me that's a good way to gauge how quickly your dog is recovering from their run - how long does it take their tongue to return to normal color.

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The only time I've seen such, the dog did in fact have a heart/lung condition that needed to be addressed. I'd see the vet.

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