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Indy (ranier Reactor) Has Gone To The Bridge

Guest IndysDad

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Guest IndysDad

Indy went to the Bridge yesterday evening following a brief illness....


This is very difficult, so please bear with me if I ramble....


He had been slowing down since he turned 12 in January; he was having some problems with his rear legs and standing up for an extended time...In March, he fell during our ice storm and it took both of us to get him up and in the house...a week later, during the huge snow storm, he fell into a deep drift and again it took both of us to bring him in the house...his housemate Wingie, decided to become his champion, so to speak, after his first fall and kept an eye on him when ever they went out.


Last week Inders developed a cough, so I made an appointment with our vet for this week to have him checked out, thinking it may be an upper resperitory infection...by Saturday evening, he was bringing up fluid and a little food when he was coughing, so Sunday morning we went to the C.A.R.E center(24/7 e-vet) in Cincinnati where he was admitted. They ran tests, took x-rays, started an I.V. drip and had him stabilized when we left that afternoon...the doctor assigned to Indy felt that at that time we were dealing with possible pneumonia and hopefully we could bring him home on Monday...it wasn't to be...

After more tests, x-rays and consultations with our regular vet, the diagnosis was that Indy had developed blood clots in his lungs and rear legs..


We went to see Indy Monday afternoon and after talking with the doctor, it was clear Indy was failing..He (Indy) basicly told us his physical body was tired and he needed to go on with his journey..

We made that descision and before he left for the Bridge, he was able to see Wingie one last time..

Indy was held in our arms, petted and told how much we loved him when he left for the Bridge at

6:45 P.M. April 7, 2008. He was 12 years, 4 months and 7 days old.



Indy was our first Greyhound and he was my dog; he adored Cathy, but when push came to shove, he was dad's dog, no question in his mind..


He was a great teacher and trainer...he taught us how to do his bidding and cater to his every whim and make us think it was all our idea; the boy was a genius!


He was always a gentleman with all of the other dogs, fosters and transient hounds that showed up at our door...he lead by example and never had any problems or issues with of them.


He loved to go to meet and greets, where he had mastered the art of "schmoozing the crowd" and would hunt down some poor person and give them the "please pet me, I've never been petted in my entire life" routine...mission accomplished!!! He'd get the pets, look at me as if to say "I told ya so"


Indy taught Wingie the art and the joy of mastering the "Thank You Burp"..he'd get breakfast or dinner, get his "after dinner breath mint" and then come up to Cathy or myself, look at you with the "look"..you know, the one that says "you're my Sun,Moon, all of the stars in my universe" ...and then Buuuuurppp.....and proceed to walk away, happy to share that moment with you..


We miss him terribly,he was a once in a lifetime dog....




I picked him up frorm The Pines on Thursday afternoon;

It feels good to have him home; the circle is now complete...

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