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Crystalline Stromal Dystrophy

Guest greytlady

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Guest greytlady

I just had a dog diagnosed with this today. She developed cloudy looking eyes a few days after arriving. The first vet just put her on triple eye ointment, which did nothing. My regular vet, who was out the first time, reckecked her in 5 days and tried triple eye ointment with cortisone. That did nothing. When she went back for another recheck he called a friend who is an opthomologist (sp?) and they diagnosed her with this condition. The only treatment is a corneal transplant and that is not 100% as the condition is heredity and the body may do the same thing to the new corneas, sigh..... There is no treatment and they say she will either stay the same or get worse. She is a little photophobic in bright sunlight, but otherwise seems fine. Since they say it is heredity maybe someone else has had some experience with it. I hate to just do nothing, but a corneal transplant that is not guaranteed is a little to pricey to consider at this point.

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Did the opthalmologist actually see your dog, or was it a telephone consult? With eyes, I really prefer to see a good ophthalmologist in person. Greyhounds *are* prone to a number of eye conditions, but I'd want a specialist there in person.


Good luck!


Oh, and you can get some doggles for the photosensitivity :)

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