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Diatomaceous Earth (de)

Guest Greyhounds4ever

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Guest Greyhounds4ever

I have looked in the archives for an answer to this question but have

been unable to find anything and was hoping a kind soul on this site

would give provide a suitable response.


I just purchased human grade DE to feed the dogs and put on their

coats for protection of parasites.


I had a foster a couple of months ago with ear mites and I'm afraid

they were passed on to my little IG as she has been scratching at her

ears lately.


My question is this: Can you use DE to rid of ear mites? If so, how

would this be administered?


Thanks for your input!


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I've used diatomaceous earth for years for fleas and other crawling household pests. Although I've not used it to treat ear mites, I have heard of using it for this purpose: "I have found that putting a pinch of food-grade diatomaceous earth into the dog or cat's ear kills the mites. I do it daily for about a month since that is how long the mites can take to hatch. Within a few days though the animal has absolutely no symptoms of mites and it is completely safe for pets of all ages and sizes. It is also a great way to get rid of mites on birds and to rid a pet of internal parasites."


This quote came from This Website where there is discussion of various non-toxic ear mite remedies.


The food grade diatomaceous earth is also sometimes called Fossil Shell Flour. :)

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Guest WhenIGiveIn

I've never heard of feeding it to dogs... what does it get rid of? I have used it for floors and carpet dusty for a bad flea out break and I put it under my old pine tree because that was just flea heaven but never fed it....

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Guest CBDTherapyDogs

Frontline Plus kills ear mites as well as fleas and ticks. go to www.fleasmart.com and you can order Archer Insect Growth Regulator, which is a birth control for fleas and lasts months in the ground.

My parents used to use it on the cats, but it dried out thier coats so much. I prefer good ole Frontline Plus, Sentinel, and Capstar as needed.

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The food grade diatomaceous earth is also sometimes called Fossil Shell Flour


Fossil Flower(Flour) :lol Used it for worm control. Can't remember how much daily..... My -- that seems a lifetime ago. I actually went looking for them a few years back to try & buy some. Now that I know what it is, I can buy away if needed....

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Guest Greyhounds4ever
I've never heard of feeding it to dogs... what does it get rid of?



Internal parasites such as worms. Here is a good website if you want to read up on it...DE

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Guest lat41065

i use it for flea control and it is better than anything on the market. i have heard of using for ear mites just a slight amount in the ear every other day for 2 weeks.

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The food-grade stuff looks good, but here's a cautionary paragraph from the Dirtworks paper on Pet DE:


"Special Notes: This stuff works very well and is non-toxic. However, it is a mineral dust and it’s not something you want to breath in on a constant basis or in large amounts. Once you think you have the problem under control, you can vacuum up the dust and dead insects and throw away the bag or empty the canister of the vacuum cleaner. It’ll clean out the vacuum cleaner too!"


They do sell dust masks for the people using it. A question for those who apply the DE to their pets coats or ears: does the DE stay put on them or does it fly around when they shake, for example? Do they breathe it in? I guess it depends on how much you put on them.


Now, I'd use the stuff on fire ants in a heartbeat, no questions asked! :lol


Marcia in SC, where the fire ants are very happy!

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