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Peeing In House

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We had our grey 8 months she never had an accident. she peed upstairs a few days ago. I just thought maybe she didn't know how to get back down. Then yesterday she peed like about ten minutes after her firt morning going out. There was a knok at the dorr and she barked. Could she have been nervous? She ussually doesnt pee when she is nervous. She just finished a round of amoxacillion for her gash in her toe about 4 days ago. Could that cause a urinary infection. She doesnt seem to be peeing more than ussual and hasnt peed in her cage at night. Should i wait till over the weekend and see what happens and if continues i will get a urine sample. Could her being nervous cause this. She hasn't done this for 8 months sicne we got her. Thanks, Any comments or suggestionsa re always appreciated. I used club soda which it came out. Should i Use a spray for the odor. I don't want to stain the carpet with an odorizer.



I forgot how to put a pic in my signature. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks

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Club soda may remove the urine YOU can see and smell, but it isn't doing a darn thing about what SHE can smell.


I'd contact your vet. If she's been dry in the house for the previous 8 months, clearly something is amiss.




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Guest paulamariez

I'd definitely keep an eye on her over the weekend and if she has any more accidents, I'd be calling the vet first thing Monday morning. I think it would be strange for her all of the sudden start peeing in the house if she got nervous, if she didn't do that before. Our Domino had a urninary infection when we got him from the track and we didn't know or do anything until he started wanting to go out all of the time (even at night) and peeing in the house when we left. The vet said he must have had the infection for awhile, even if he wasn't showing major symptoms. The vet said that the hounds pick them up rather easily at the track if they aren't vigilant about keeping their cages clean. He figured Domino had his UTI from the time we picked him up from the track. Definitely worth checking out and the urine tests aren't all that expensive. Hope your girl is feeling better! Oh, by the way, try one of the Enzymatic rug cleaners (like Nature's Miracle or Out! Pet Stain and Odor Remover). They seem to work pretty well in discouraging the dogs from re-soiling in the area. They're available at pet stores or the Out! I've gotten at Walmart. It's a little cheaper than the Nature's Miracle, if money is an issue. I think it works pretty comparably, since I've used them both.

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