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Update On Peppers Toe

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Hi GTers pepper and i were wondering if any of you know how long it takes to heal after a toe amputation.it will be seven days tomorrow since the op,mabey we are getting too impatient,but its very traumatic for pep as he has to be sedated just to have the dressing changed,we are just back from the vets,and we have to go again friday, however we spoke to the vet who performed the surgery,and he said the infection was much worse than he thought leaving no option,but to remove the toe,and there was no foreign body as first thought,but he said the wound is healing nicely,provided we can stop pep nibbling the dressing as he did today. here is a pic of a drousy sad peppermypictures2008-03-23003-1.jpg

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Guest Snowy8

I'm thinking it took Brogan about 10 days, then we took the stitches out & it was pink & kinda puffy, but he was walking & running on it. I think its kinda like any other operation.

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Providing the infection has been cleared up and he doesn't mess with it the toe should heal pretty quickly, about 10 to 14 days. When Mulder got a stick impaled through his foot and had it removed (it was covered in mud too) it was all healed up in a fortnight, I couldn't believe how quick it healed. Sending hugs to you and Pep, he'll be back to his old self before you know it Peter.

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