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Young Dr. Kildare

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I'm losing faith in Young Dr. Kildare, not his real name, the young vet working on diagnosing my grey/whippet's eye problem. Many, many tests, many trips to the vet and nothing is showing up. I understand these things are not easy to diagnose and sometimes think I should have listened to the older vet who said, rule out the big stuff then wait and see.


I think more than anything I am worried and frustrated, we have all been down this path, something is wrong but nobody can definitively say what it is.


I have an appointment with the opthamologist again next week and an appointment at Cornell in April so I'm hoping we can figure it out. Thanks for letting me vent.


Linda, Valor, Keeva and Bella

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Guest SquanHound

I completely understand!! It is very frustrating going through all of the testing with no result (except for a lighter pocketbook). We went through this with Ping's stomach issues. In the end I learned to stick with an experienced vet, even if you can't get in as quickly. I hope you can figure it all soon!!

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Working through Gustophers eye problem now. I know what you're going through. I do, on the other hand, trust my vets judgement in the way he is ruling out the issues. Methodically and when the obvious isnt the answer, then its off to the doggy eye specialists.

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It took me 3 different vets before one found out what was wrong with Lily. I even contacted an animal communicator to try and help. I hope that you find the problem and are on the road to the cure quickly. Good Luck!

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