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Timing Of A Thyroid Test

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Wally is on thyroid meds: Soloxine. half of a .8mg pill twice a day.

Since he is due for a yearly heartworm test I want his thyroid checked too. We've only he him since August and he was on thyroid meds then. He is 8 years old. His test last year did show low thyroid findings.


I thought the blood draw for thyroid testing needed to be done within X number of hours after eating and taking medication. I just called the vet office and they said no.


Also, is Soloxine not designed to be given as one whole pill daily instead of splitting the dose?

Confession here, no flames please: Somehow I got in the habit of giving one whole pill each morning for the past 6 months. When I realized it the other day I began splitting the pill as prescribed. Since then Wally has not wanted to get up for breakfast. Could that be a reaction to my dosing? He tries to hustle cookies in the afternoon and will eat his dinner.


If a dog has low thyroid levels but no physical/behavor problems, shouldn't they be medicated anyway?


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I have heard that a lot of vets say that timing of the thyroid test doesn't matter. But my vet says yes. The test should be no more than 4-5 hours after the dog has taken his soloxine. I think people here can be even more specific than that.


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Guest tricolorhounds

When I call to make the appointment for their yearly test, I'm always asked what time to I give them their meds... and then they make the appt for X amount of time after... If I remember correctly the last time, I gave meds at 10 and the test was at 4:30.


Bonks takes one .7 two times a day.

Gaines takes one .8 two times a day.


I would medicate regardless of behavioral issues.


P.S. The cat takes thyroid meds too...

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My new vet was telling me just yesterday all sorts of things connected with hypothyroid beyond behavior issues. It's a hormone, so it's deeply involved in a sorts of systems.


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