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Big Boy Shots!

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Fenway goes to the vet today for his annual check up and his three year shots. He's growing up!


My list of things to ask the vet:

~run bloodwork as a baseline

~heartworm test (no hearworm in WA, but he lived in KS as a puppy so it's time to check)

~stinky breath! what to do? He's already on a digestive enzyme and has perfectly clean teeth

~anal gland check! I had his expressed about 2 months ago so this check will let me know how frequently I might need to get that done.

~any suggestions to get his weight up (if the vet thinks he needs it)

~approval for him to start running with me now that he's nearly 18 months old

~check his ears, Grace cleans them daily but I don't know if that's affection/habit or if we have a problem


I regularly worm since my dogs are around a lot of other dogs on a daily basis, so I'm going to skip the fecal sample. He's already had a tick panel and has a very low titer for Babesia that we'll keep an eye on.


Anything else I should ask the vet about? Fenway is 17 months old and was born on a farm in Kansas before going to foster in Indiana and then moving in with me. :) He's taller than Grace but still pretty skinny, they weigh about the same. He looks all beat up because he wrestles with his buddies like a lab, so he almost always has a scab or two. We work constantly on getting poo harder, and are now adding turkey necks to the "meal plan". We've tried several different foods with no better results, mostly worse results. He has a good energy level and I have no cause for concern with anything else. This is just my big opportunity to ask questions!

Tessie, PK's Cat Island 12/9/13
Gabby the Airedale 7/1/18
Forever missing Grace (RT's Grace, 18156/23B), Fenway (not registered, def a greyhound), and Jackson (airedale terrier, honorary greyhound)

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