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Specific Gravity / Problem?

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In a pre-blood test for a teeth cleaning, Razzle came back with some values that had the vet asking for urine tests; they came back with a low specific gravity -- otherwise, he's fine.


Should I be worried? Is this an early sign of something to be concerned about? He eats a raw diet (wet-noses w/ brown rice to control severe diahrrea). Otherwise, he seems fairly healthy, happy and bright.


He did develop, about three months ago a habit of drinking his whole water bowl in a sort of nervous state every once in a while (say once a week); he would get fairly nervy and if the water bowl is almost empty, he has an obsessive compulsive need to empty it. If a pull it up and then put it down an hour or so later -- he couldn't be less interested!


Does this profile ring a bell with anyone?


Do any of you give milk thistle to your greyhounds for liver support?


Thanks in advance!!!



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It can be a sign of kidney problems.


Low specific gravity could mean he isn't concentrating his urine efficiently. A single low SG means nothing--your vet SHOULD have suggested repeating the test after withholding water for the night and catching the first morning urine. It could also mean that the day you ran that test, your pooch had too much water to drink!


That's why normally you'd have the vet repeating the test.


I've given my boy milk thistle, but only when one of his liver enzymes went up after using Valerian Root as a calming agent. It calmed him, but apparently made his ALT go way up!


It's back to fine now. Don't know if the milk thistle helped or not, but it certainly have no side effects!


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My girl runs a low specific gravity. I have her checked regularly for it and it's stays at her low of 1.13 or 1.14. Been that way for a few years. Everything else tests as fine. My vet and I agree that it's normal for her, so I just monitor it.


I, too, would recommend retesting after withholding water. Good luck!



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