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First Time Encounter Of Sickness! Please Advise.

Guest Cooter77

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Guest Cooter77

Hello. I adopted a greyhound just two weeks ago. His name is Eeyore. He's been a really great dog!! he stayed at my parent's house Saturday night and on monday I encountered the following... He had dirreaha at night and this morning (tuesday) he threw up once, a little, and he also had some dirreaha. My first impression was that he ate something that disagrees with his body. I keep a clean house and I keep anything away from him that he might be able to eat. I asked my parents and they said that he ate some paper (very little) and some of thier yorkie's dog food. I am working from home today to see if he vomits again. Everything else seems normal, he is still playing with his stuff animals and he is eating fine. Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be wrong? I don't want to jump to conclusions and take him to the vet right away. I am a new dog owner and I have to admit that I can over-react but I want to read your opinions.





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Guest ShelbysMom

He's had a lot of excitement over the last 2 weeks. A new home, an overnight visit to his grandparents, and different dog food. If he's eating fine today, and playing with is stuffies, then he's likely going to be just fine.


Just keep a close eye on him today, but my guess is it's all the changes he has experienced recently.

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I agree with ShelbysMom. I would try to limit how much you feed him today just to give his belly a rest. How nice that you can work from home to be with him today! Eeyore's a lucky boy.


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I would think it's just stress, due to being sent to stay somewhere else so soon after coming to live with you. Maybe he found the little Yorkie a bit stressful too - many recently retired dogs do seem afraid of small dogs.


If you can trust your parents to have been vigilant about what else he may have got into - ie, didn't miss anything else that he ate - then I'd maybe miss his dinner the day after something like that and feed him bland food for a few days until he settles. Plenty of water should be available because both vomiting and diarrhoea will dehydrate him. :)


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