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Dental Options/procedures For A Dog

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Andy is absolutely terrified of the vet. We are fortunate enough to have a vet that does house calls, but even then we are chasing Andy around the house to get our hands on him.


At the moment, he is in desperate need of a dental. I brush his teeth, but it's not enough for him. the last time he had them done was 4 years ago while he was at the rescue. Andy is so scared of the vet that the one time he did have to get xrays, we had to sedate him and then reverse it.

I know there are option for sedation prior to dentals, but I am concerned about him stressing out after the procedure when he wakes up.


Can anyone tell me what they do for their hounds when it comes to this? Any precautions that vet takes etc?




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my vet gives Patrick a mild tranquilizer as he comes out of anesthesia, because otherwise he really freaks out and thrashes around in a way that's not good for him. I would ask your vet if there is something she feels you can safely give at home, the morning of, so he's not so anxious coming in and let her know he freaks out coming out so she can give something then too.


I wonder if the freaking out emerging from anesthesia is a greyhound thing?

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PatricksMom has a good idea.


For Zema, they take her straight back and put her under -- no waiting around beforehand. She isn't *that* bad at the vet, but when she's nervous she'll overheat. We haven't had any problem with her after; the residual anaesthesia is enough to keep her quiet.


Good luck!

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Your vet should have a protocol for such things. I'd have a chat with them and figure it out.

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All of my dogs are afraid when they get to the office. They shake so bad they can hardly stand.So my vet does his best when he knows we're coming in and gets us in quickly. As for the thrashing, one of my females came out of anesthisia thrashing pretty badly so they now use a different drug and she comes out with no problem at all.And of course I don't remember the name of the drug they use.


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Guest jordan

My vet comes out to the car and gives my guy a pre anesthesia, this helps to get him inside. Then when he is in recovery they let me wait there with him until he is awake and I can take him home...sometimes this is very long!!! and yes, the trashing around does happen often with greys coming out of anesthesia, very scary, but the norm.

Maybe your vet could do the same, it seems to help with the anxiety.

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Flashy has the same exact problem. They pretreated him with sedation and then they kept him pretty sedate after the procedure. He was awake and breathing well but not strong enough to walk that well so we carried him to the van. He did however pace and vocalize ALL night long. :blush


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