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Torn Nail Bed

Guest Tiz3

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Lily has had a problem with lameness since December. We have taken her to 4 different vets trying to fix it. She's had xrays, seen an orthopedic surgeon, and now sees a chiropractor. During this whole ordeal she has had one nail grow very odd. It really curves, is really long, and doesn't ever touch the ground. It reminds me of super long fingernails. Anyway, 2 weeks ago at the chiropractor we noticed that she had an infection on the side of her toe. So I took her to a new vet. It turns out that the quick was somehow torn. So the nail is being pushed out of its natural position by the quick that has become horribly infected. The vet doesn't know if the nail will ever grow properly again. We've got her on antibiotics. It makes me angry that the first 3 vets didn't find the problem. They just wanted to put her on Deramaxx and put the lameness down as an old racing injury. Has anyone else had a problem with torn quicks? Did the nail ever grow back normally?

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