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Greytalk Auction Software  

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  1. 1. If Greytalk offered it's own member Auctions

    • I would use it only as a buyer
    • I would use it only as a seller
    • I would use it as a buyer / seller
    • I would not use it.

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I would imagine that most people would be GT users. I don't plan to advertise the auctions, but those selling should, to get more bids to their products. I'd imagine they would post on other forums, etc. so the people you deal with, should mostly be Greyhound people and that's good right :)


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Ebay bugs me because if you want to add color it costs you

if you want to make something bold it costs you

if you want to add an image rte-image-button.png it costs you.


It should be easy.... Flat reasonable fee, all inclusive. Maybe small fee based on 0.01 - 4.99 and 5.00 - 14.99, etc


The added charges for color & bold, etc., are only for making one's listing stand out among the others when the others all look the same.. not for using those features in the auction itself. I always use pictures so I'm not sure if there is a charge for adding pictures- but I know there is for adding lots of pictures, or for making them supersizeable....


All in all, I think eBay's charges are fairly reasonable. In the case for this auction, only $4 (until the final value fee, of course- they always get a percentage of that.) It has 4 pictures, color, bold, designer option, etc.


As solely a fundraising enterprise, I need to reach the largest crowd possible, so eBay works for me. Doesn't mean I wouldn't shop here, its just easier to put up an auction where it might even be found accidentally by some greyhound person who doesn't read discussion lists.

Cara and the Northcoast Greyhounds






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I would use it as a buyer, I am also a sucker when it comes to auctions. But I also might use it as a seller later too. I think it is a AWESOME ideal. :colgate

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Tina, notifications are built in, and so are options to display the bidders or not :)


Cara, I would not consider you a 'casual auction user' which is what I am planning to cater to. The little stuff Trudy auctioned off, was not something I would have listed on ebay. I think our solution will be great for the casual, or newbie auction lister/user.


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