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What Are The Side Effects Of Doxy?

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Guest FireHorse

As I suspected would happen, Jet was put on doxy for the ehrlichia. He's taking 700mg/day (4 in the morning, 3 at night) and has been since last Thursday.


He's got horrible :fart paint peeling :fart gas :fart , which I expected, and his poop is a little loose, but not bad. The part that concerns me is that his appetite is heading downhill. He's not a huge food hound, but he's also not one to turn down a cookie if he's offered one. Today he didn't want his breakfast bone, took forever to eat his breakfast and walked away from his morning turnout cookie. He's not his usually bouncy self-I didn't get sung at this morning either. Obviously, he doesn't feel good. I'd like to nip this in the bud; Jet is our skinny boy and doesn't have many pounds to spare. I'd like it not to get that far.


Is this something he'll get over as his system adjusts to the doxy? Can I give him pepto, or pepcid or something? I'm waiting for the vet to call me back about this (the front desk says she's in emergency surgery, so it might be awhile) but I thought I'd ask those of you with some experience while I wait.

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Your vet might prescribe some stronger tummy meds, but what I usually do when on antibiotics (or anti-inflammatories) is:


Give 10mg (one regular strength) pepcid.

Wait @ 30 minutes.

Feed meal.

Give meds.


If I need to give meds more times per day than I have meals, I make the meals a little short and give a piece or two of bread as the in-between meals.


ETA: I will give 2-3 regular-strength pepcids per day.

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In addition to an acid reducer, if I have one that is tummy sensitive for doxy, I get carafate and give at least twice a day. He has to have the doxy, so you need to work around the effects. Also, I give acidophillus pills every day, at least 3, separate from the doxy and carafate by at least two hours.

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Luke showed no side effects. Venus had just one, loss of appetite. She got ranitidine (Zantac) 30 min before meals & probiotics mixed with a treat 2 hours after meals. Plus I got creative with yummy garnishments to jump start her appetite at meal times. All that helped but didn't bring back her appetite enough to maintain her weight. We finally resorted to metoclopramide (Reglan). She only needed a small dose given a little while before her meals. Her appetite came back with that. As soon as she was done with her round of doxy everything went back to normal.


On the plus side, her intermittent lameness went away & her energy level increased dramatically. It was definitely worth the extra effort at meal time. Hope all goes well with your baby.

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