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Alan's Results

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His BUN is higher as are his creatinine and UPC Ratio:( I'm so upset. He has a high amylase which I don't understand yet, didn't talk to the vet, just got the lab results faxed to me. Even though I figured this was coming, I'm not taking it well:(

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Well I spoke to my vet and he doesn't seem alarmed about the numbers rising, as they haven't gone up that much in the past four months. I will take him again in 3-4 mos for more blood work. He's doing fine right now and that's what matters!

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Glad he is doing OK. Keep up the good work and hopefully, the #'s will slow down and plateau for a while.


Hugs to you both!



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Sending prayers that his labs don't go any higher. When that time comes...in home sub q fluids can reduce those numbers. Fluids helped our Queenie for several months. :grouphug


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Sending gentle ear scritches to Alan and :grouphug to his worried Mom.

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