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Loose Dogs Again!

Guest Mommydog

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Guest Mommydog

I took the boys out with my Mum this afternoon, now I know Joe can be anti-social with other dogs so I usually have him muzzled. However today it was exceptionally quiet and there was no-one about, or so I thought, so I left his muzzle off. Not that, that really makes any difference, as in this instance Joe didn't start it. But mine were both leashed anyway, when suddenly out of nowhere a terrier type dog came tearing up and stood growling at them. I don't think it was actually looking for a fight, but just being bolshie as some terriers can be. But that was enough for Jack and he set on it, Joe obviously quickly joined in. Anyhow we managed to haul them off it, and it ran away, just as the owner and his other dog appeared on the scene. He was so far away from us he had to ask me what happened! Now it's quite common for people to let their dogs off-leash in the UK, and I don't have a problem with that..........provided they can keep them under control. Which he obviously couldn't or wasn't doing. I could see a lot of blood round Joe's mouth, but at that point hadn't had chance to check him, so I had no idea if it was from him or the other dog. The guy then had the nerve to tell me wait there whilst he found his dog and checked it for injuries, as if in which case it was he'd want my details! I'm afraid I can't print my reply to him, so I'll leave that one to your imagination! I'm sorry if his dog was hurt, and I think it probably did get quite badly bitten, but Joe got a nasty bite to his face, which has punctured right through into his mouth. He has some other wounds on his face, but they're fairly superficial. Anyway I got straight off to the vet, and she's put a staple in the main wound and he's on antibiotics. We have to go back on Monday and get it checked and all being well the staple can come out in 10 days. So he's feeling pretty sorry for himself right now.





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Oh Joe!


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Guest Mommydog
Poor Joe!


Feel better soon. Angie, I think you should break out the sherry :grouphug


Actually it's cider tonight :P He's pretty zonked right now, I think that's probably the painkiller she gave him. It hasn't put him off eating though, as soon as we got back from the vet he went and stood by the treat drawer waiting, and he ate all his dinner fine. I always say the day that boy is off his food is the day I'll be extremely worried about him.


Thank you all for your good wishes :)

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Joey Bloo....Pipi-Francine here....I habs on my nurse's outfit & a little extra black lacy thing underneef just for you. Mommy said I could habs duh red comburple & come ober tonight to take care obs you...

I so sorry you got hurt....I won't kiss you on dat side obs your face.

Mommy gasped when she saw your pictures....it made her heart hurt. We lubs us some Joey Bloo :beatheart



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Poor frankenmouth houndy!


So sorry for you both to have gone through this. It's a nightmare. At least it wasn't worse for you all! I hope the terrible terrier is alright, too.



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Oh poor sweetheart. That looks so painful. Kiss Joe for me. I am so sorry. :grouphug


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Guest vahoundlover

Joe, you poor boy! Hope it heals quickly sweetheart.


Pipi-Francine, you look beautiful in your nurturing uniform, now don't go getting Joe all hot an bothered until he's feeling better. :shakefinger



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Pipi's mommy here, Pipi is on the phone with the NGA getting her named changed to Miss Pipi Nightingale Francine. And there are black stockings under the black go go boots! Actually, I don't EVEN want to know what's under the cape & uniform...and she did leave the staple puller at home. :hehe

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Oh....that's nasty. Poor Joe..feel better soon!


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OMG Poor Baby! Angie, I have learned that there are times when small things need to be drop kicked. Better yet, the small things owner needs to be drop kicked. Got the PM thanks. Kisses to poor Joeys kisser.




Yo! Joey!

Gustopher P Jones here.


I gotz one thing to say.



Cowboy up bud and hope yur mended soon




Standin on da corner

Lookin fur sum small nasty thing tu woop up on fur yu

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{{{{{{{{{{Joe}}}}}}}}}} Hope your momma will give you a smooch for me when you're feeling better, and hope that will be soon.

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