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I'm Baffled

Guest bella9883

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Guest bella9883

We need some help & more ideas before things get worse!


Max is our 5 year old grey -- he's always been a little chubby by a couple of lbs. Over the last 2 months or so he's been losing weight despite not one single change in his diet or life!!!


About two years ago we noticed that both our greys were OBSESSED with water - it seems like they can NEVER get enough. Granted, we live in Florida, but the A/C is always on and they're rarely outside during the hottest part of the day. We never gave this obsession a second thought!


Like I said, over the last 2 months Max has lost probably about 10 lbs, he still runs & plays, but gets tired more easily.


The only thing I'm going on here is the fact that he's always thirsty and the unintentional weight loss - I can't help but think diabetes.... so far he's been able to avoid any accidents in the house, but he's let outside every couple of hours....


I know he has to see a vet but it's so difficult finding one who is good with the breed! I e-mailed the rescue group we got our girl from and am waiting for a response...


In the mean time, anyone else have any ideas or have you experienced the same signs/symptoms in your greys????




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I had the exact same problems but with a much older Grey.When I noticed his urine had no color, I took him in right away.He was loosing weight, and drinking like crazy. Turned out to be his kidneys. Caught it in time,treated with meds and very low protein diet and he lived a great life until he was 13. Just an idea....maybe kidneys??? I wish you the best, I'll be anxious to hear

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could also be a severe UTI. definitely needs a vet visit.why don't you try starting a new thread asking for vet recommendations in your area?

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Guest greyladydown
Have they been tested for tick borne diseases?




I'd run a TBD panel. TBD can cause kidney probelms, much like cbudshome described. Our eldest boy developed glomerulonephritis this past summer. It's important to know if it's caused by a tick borne disease or if its auto-immune as the treatment protocols are the exact opposite.

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