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Whats The Best Thing For Lure Coursing Line Burn

Guest Hokiebuck

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Guest Hokiebuck

My greyhound got some rope burn from an LGRA event this weekend and I was wondering what the best thing to put on it was to help the burning etc. I used some sunburn stuff that I had in my first aid kit while at the event, but I was wondering if there was any home remedy stuff or something readily available at the drug store I can put on it since by the time I ordered anything it would have healed. One thing I thought of was Aloe.


Any suggestions?



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There's also Trypzyme, which is also sold under the name Granulex. I've used it on some fairly large wounds and it works. Our vet recommended it. It seems to have some soothing properties as well, and it keeps longer than EMT Gel. I've found EMT to have a fairly short shelf life, at least around here. It gets gooey and weird after awhile.

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The first, best thing to do is get a cold, wet compress on it ASAP.


After that, BurnOut balm from gocoursing.com is the best stuff we've tried:




I've used this stuff on myself... I caught my shirt-sleeve on fire, thanks to a dysfunctional burner on our gas cooktop. It really does help!


If you can't get this stuff, then the next best thing is 100% Aloe Gel.



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