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Use the upload button once you sign in to photobucket. You can browse your computer to choose the pic then upload. Once that is done, there are 4 codes under a picture. Click ont he img code and it copies it automoatically. Then on here in the reply box, hold Ctrl and V down and it will paste the code into the reply box. When you post the pic will show up.


like this.



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If you get the chance to sit it out or dance.......... I hope you dance! Missing our littlest girl.

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What helped me were the directions in "Technical Questions about Greytalk" under "posting pictures" - there are detailed pictures and directions there. Basically once you have your pictures uploaded to photobucket, you can come here and click on new topic. There is a picture icon that says insert image (right next to the smiley face image). Click that and then copy the photobucket link and put it in the space. Ok, so it's harder to explain than I thought...lol. There are four codes under your picture once you get it into photobucket. I picked the code that said "direct link" and that worked for me.


It took me FOREVER to learn how to do pictures on here! Good luck! :goodluck:clover

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To me the easiest way was under your pic in photobucket there should be an IMG code box. Just click your cursor in that box and it should say copied, then just come here and right click your mouse and then hit Paste.

Isis, Always in my Heart Bijou, My Sweetest Angel

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