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Joints Making Noises When Standing Up

Guest rsqdogsmom

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Guest rsqdogsmom

Has anybody heard of a large dog's joints making like a 'popping' sound when they get up from lying down?

Kind of like the sound that people get when they're stiff from sitting in one position for too long.

My friend has a Mastiff, 2 yrs old, that has just started doing this.

Does NOT appear to cause him any pain, but the Dad is worried.

I told him I'd ask the 'experts' on Greytalk. :colgate

Thanks. B)

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I seem to recall these popping noises are caused by tendons moving over hard parts; when one straightens out a limb, the tendon shifts over a bit of bone or whatever, and "snaps" into place.


If they purchased from a breeder, they should probably call and see if it's characteristic of the breed. If they didn't buy from someone, they should probably check with their vet to see if it's normal for mastiffs.

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Guest madredhare

My Dixie does that. Especially when she gets up from a long rest on the couch or comes up the stairs. But my other greys do not. We say "snap, crackle, pop Here comes Dixie Girl".


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My 9 year old Polli's bones/joints "pop" when she jumps off our bed which is 32 inches off the floor.



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