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Latch Has A Staph Infection!

Guest Latch

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Well, I took Latch to the vet this afternoon and she said it looks like he has a staph infection. He has spots all over him where scabs form and then the hair falls out. I have been worried about it so I asked the vet today and she said it looks like staph. Anyone else have experience with this? She gave him medicine for 21 days (expensive medicine!) and said if it doesn't clear up then to call her back and she will give him more medicine. Anyone else ever dealt with this?

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Sparks had it a few summers ago and it took 3 rounds of antibiotics to get rid of it.


I also applied grape seed oil to the spots


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No, they didn't culture it, but she put him on Simplicef 200mg. Does it work pretty well?

Yep, Fenway had a staph infection last year and one round of Simplicef took care of it. Not a problem.

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Guest greytmonty

Monty had antibiotic resistant staph and it took 6 meds to clear him up. Stay on top of this so it doesn't get out of control. Ask your vet about topical things like creams and shampoos to help heal him up.

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Bodie had an ongoing staph infection and Simplicef eventually cleared it up. It's expensive, but it works. Be sure to ask the vet for an opinion as to what the underlying cause of the staph infection could be, so you can take precautions that it doesn't recur. For Bodie, it was allergies - same with Monty.

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Guest FullMetalFrank

I am a diabetic, and that makes me more susceptible to things like staph infections. What underlying conditions can make a dog more susceptible? Just curious...

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How do they get a staph infection like this? Where can they pick it up? Fore warned is fore armed (I hope).


Staphylococci ("staph") are ubiquitous. They live on your skin, in your nose, and elsewhere. Because ~6 billion people and untold billions of animals are given antibiotics (in the case of animals, sometimes for no better reason than to help them grow faster), sometimes resistant strains form. Unfortunately, the place one takes a sick animal is to a place where people work with other sick animals, encouraging the spread. Of course, if someone is a carrier (in their nose, on their skin, etc.), and they work out at the gym and you then subsequently use the gym equipment, you can bring home the bacteria.


Normally they do nothing. But under certain conditions involving immune problems or genetic issues (including defective genes for immunity), these bacteria may decide to colonize a host. If resistant to a variety of antibiotics, these can be difficult to treat. Perhaps the only "good" side is that many of these functions for antibiotic resistance or immunity take up energy that could otherwise be spent proliferating.


Instead of treatment with systemic (oral or injectable) antibiotics, the case is being made to treat with creams and lotions that can allow a much higher concentration of the antibiotic- or to use bacteriocidal compounds which kill the bacteria directly- some advantages of treating bacteria that colonize the skin, versus internal infections.

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I dont know much about it, but the vet said she thinks it was possibly from the stress of transitioning to a new home. However, I don't see that being the cause because Latch has always been very well adjusted. I hope this clears it up and it's not antibiotic resistant! She said that it was likely not transmittable to humans, but I'm not sure if she just meant the kind he has or that staph in dogs is completely different than in humans? I was so mad because my younger sister had a staph infection and she was petting Latch and everything so I was afraid he got it from her...the vet said that wasn't likely the case though. I even wiped him down (as well as the rest of the house) with clorox wipes after she left! Neither DH or myself have seen any symptoms in us so I just don't know :unsure


I remembered the shampoo name is Chlorhexiderm.



Does my vet have to prescribe this or can I get it at the store?? Thanks!


Yeah, same for Pop...that's exactly what they put him on...unfortunately he gets bacterial/staph infections every 4 - 6 months.



Oh my gosh - that's terrible! Do you know what causes them?

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