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Bernie's Limping

Guest jenmm

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This morning Bernie started limping and he's avoiding using his right front leg. It doesn't appear swelled or anything. He even groans when he lays down. I don't know what to do for him - any suggestions????


It isn't icy outside - it's 41 degrees and all our snow is melted. The carpets weren't messed up so I don't think he slid on my new kitchen floor.

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If he just started limping today you may want to watch him very close and see how he does over the next couple of hours in hopes that he has just pulled a muscle or something simple. However if he continues to appear painful I would take him in to be checked. Sending my best wishes and prayers for Bernie. :grouphug


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Guest MnMDogs

Matty started limping on her right front on Super Bowl Sunday. She would scream in pain, hold it up and/or straight out and was all around pathetic. Needless to say, we were pretty scared but watched her for a couple days. It seemed to get a little better, but persisted after a few days and we brought her in for Xrays.


I'm thankful it is simply arthritis in my big girl, and I hope it's something equally benign in your Bernie. It's terrible, but even after the diagnosis, I'm still paranoid about it, as I keep thinking of all the hounds who suddenly develop a limp and are diagnosed with osteo.

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I have a 3 day rule for limping. If, after 3 days the limp is still present, for piece of mind we go to the vet. I make the appointment the day the limp starts for 3 days out and I will cancel if necessary.


More times than not, it's just a "limp".



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I am paranoid with limps. I take them to the vet. If they can find nothing without x-rays I take x-rays. Then repeat the x-rays in 2-4 weeks to see if there is a change.


I'm really paranoid. I start them on cancer herbs.


Praying for another reason for the limp.


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He's alright. He must've pulled a muscle or something. He kept limping and I kept trying to call the vets office and couldn't get through. Well then, he ran outside with the other dogs. He came back in and hugged me. He must've felt a lot better.



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