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More Updates On Dude And Pictures.....

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Guest LdiSaphire

UPDATE: Dude's still doing great...he's eating and drinking fine...and is actually getting up and coming to me and grandma to get some lovin'....he's also starting to stretch...play bow then stretch out his hind legs...this is a good sign for him....grandma's been spoiling him rotten...he's still a little unsteady on his feet and his poos are going from solid to runny and back again...and he's really off schedule...he gets up to pee at about 1 in the morning and again at 4...but it will take time to get back to normal so it's ok....and man he needs a bath...can't wait until Friday...lol...but overall he's doing awesome....



UPDATE: Dude is doing amazing...he is still a bit unsteady on his feet but is managing to get up and down the stairs with very little assistance and is hopping onto the futon at moms with no assistance....he ate breakfast this morning....took his pills like a champ....has drank only a little bit of water but I water his food down so I know he is getting some....the biggest hurdle is that he is having accidents in the house...but oh well...we can deal with that...makes me wonder if he is forgetting he isn't in the kennel at the vet...last night he laid where he was and peed and then it was like it donned on him he could get up so he did.....we've been wiping him down because he can't stand in the shower yet so I can bathe him...I don't want to take any chances....the vet said they'd bathe him at his recheck on Friday....he seems to have quite a bit more energy and for the first time his pupils aren't dialated and huge...I can actually see his pretty brown eyes....he's taking his pig ears and treats and hording them...storing them under his bedding...that's a first for him....mom caught him eating them in the middle of the night...lol...anyway...he's doing amazingly well....thanks again everyone and here are a couple pics of my baby...these were taken before his vet visit...I'll post some that were taken today later.....








DUDES HOME!!!!! ...I got to the vets and went over everything with him...he said we're not out of the woods yet but he's definitely turned the corner....he goes back Friday for a checkup and sooner if we have any questions at all....we left the vet about 3:45 and had him at grandma's house by 4...he went straight in and put his front paws on her futon....he's having a difficult time getting his back paws off the ground to go up the couple of stairs on the porch and to crawl onto the futon so we're using a sling to help with his back end....anyway he went up on the futon and laid down and settled right in...my mom took his water bowl to him and offered it...AND HE DRANK THE WHOLE BOWL....so next we offered a hotdog with his antibiotics in it...he wolfed it down...so I fixed him a bowl of kibble with his favorite canned food in it and HE ATE THE WHOLE THING IN NO TIME FLAT....as of tonight my baby is resting comfortably at grandma's house...he's gone out a couple times to potty....and is pretty worn out now...to be expected after the long day he's had...this is the most activity he's done in a week...he'll be getting daily massages to help with the stiff muscles...and lots of loving....and of course his antibiotics and ointment for the multiple bedsores....I spent the evening at my mom's with him and every move I made he had his eyes glued to me...he wanted me right by his side....and even lifted his chin for scritches at one point and did his little moaning thing when I scritched him....and when he went to sleep before I left he was relaxed and wolfing and chasing furry bunnies in his sleep...MY BIG BOY IS HOME!!!!!





The vet and I talked this morning and in the wee hours of the morning Dude pulled his IV out...and then started whining because he needed to use the bathroom...they got him up and he walked outside and went to the bathroom by himself!!!!!....He's drinking a little and sniffing his food...but won't eat still...but the vet thinks it's because he's not home...blood panels are normal...the vet said he can come home this afternoon...he is walking with a really funny gait and still a little unsteady but is getting better...when he walks he is taking really high steps like he's marching...the vet says it's because he is reacquainting with his muscles....he says it may take us 2 or 3 weeks to return completely to normal...but as long as we don't have any relapses that home is the best place for him...and he thinks he should make a full recovery!!!!...he said to take it easy with him for the next week...so he will actually go to my mom's for the next week so we can finish moving...but she loves him ALMOST as much as I do and I know he'll be one spoiled pupper....and I spend a lot of time there anyway....and it's nice and quiet there....so it's the best place for him right now...thanks so much everyone for your awesome support and prayers...MY BABY IS COMING HOME!!!!

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That's such wonderful news for all of you! I'm sure he'll be so happy to be home.

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Dude! (channeling Hurley here) . . . . wonderful news. Now you go have a spa break at Grandma's and when she's done spoiling you, you'll have a lovely new house and yard to reign over.


P.S. Since Grandma's going to be taking care of you, it's only polite to eat at least *something* every time she offers it to you.



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That is such good news, I am so happy and relieved for both you and Dude. I cannot imagine how absolutely bone-chillingly frightening this must have been for you.


Both of you, be well.

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