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Dee Update

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I found a local vet who knows greys because the vet I like for Dee is only available on Fridays and here they were willing and able to take her in this afternoon to have a look. The vet spent over an hour with her so her leg was checked very, very carefully.


We had her leg and hips x-rayed. The vet said she'd never seen such good, clear hip x-rays on a dog that wasn't asleep. (insert proud mama emoticon here :) )


Her hips are clear, the bones good and solid. The problem is near her ankle where she broke her leg many years ago. The arthritls around the break is very bad and - here's the scary part - there's a dark spot on the bone. However, she and the radiologist feel that it could be an infection because she did have a skin infection over that leg when she arrived so we're starting her on a different anti-inflammatory and a 3-week course of antibiotics, after which we'll x-ray again. Of course, if I see any changes for the worse, I can bring her back right away.


So, the verdict is guarded - it could be just an infection. The vet said that where the spot is, it is very rare to have a cancer there, so I'm hanging on to that.


Poor Dee is exhausted. Honestly, I"ve never, ever seen a vet be that thorough checking legs. She was amazing.

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Okay, now I can breathe. And Gogh is at home, so he can't know yet....He would race up there to be with his girlfriend.

That is so scarey...I am so glad Dee has you.

Now for something you wrote, Dee is so exhausted...hang on to that moment. Prayers still coming that way though...:hope

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Sending prayers for Dee that it's only an infection that can be cleared up with antibiotics. :hope:hope

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Sending prayers for Dee. :hope:grouphug

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