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Cullen's Pathology Report Is In

Guest MZH

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Hi everyone,


Cullen is doing well despite the not-so-good diagnosis. He's clearly feeling and moving so much better w/o that fist-sized tumor pressing into his organs.


We see the oncologist next Friday and get his sutures out then if all looks OK. (It looks good to us even today, 4 days after the surgery!)


We're not sure where they'd want to go with cancer treatments because the surgeon, Dr Jevens, says he took the whole thing out although with fairly narrow margins. I'm inclined to do immune-boosting things rather than chemo and/or radiation. The boy will be ten soon and I'd hate to mess up whatever good days he has left with endless unpleasant treatments. We'll see ....


Marcia and happy-for-now Cullen in SC

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Glad he's feeling good. Our girl will be starting chemo tomorrow for lymphoma, but she's only 5 and it's the only option we have. I'm glad your oncologist believes he removed all of the cancerous tissue. Please keep us updated on how he's doing and what you decide to do from here. :goodluck

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So happy to hear that Cullen is doing so well! Keep us posted after you see Onc. :grouphug


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Hi Marcia,


Sorry to hear of Cullen's diagnosis, but really glad to hear that he is feeling ok!!!!!!!!!!!!


Give the dear boy hugs and scritches from us.





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I'm glad your boy is feeling better, though I'm sorry for the diagnosis. It's always hard to hear the "C" word.


Hopefully your vet will be able to present you with non-invasive options for treatment. We opted not to go for painful amputation and chemo when it had such a narrow likelihood of success in our case, but it might have been different if Argus had been a better candidate. You'll do what you think is best for your baby.



Kristen with

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Sending prayers and gentle ear scritches for Cullen. :hope:grouphug

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We are sending lots of prayers your way. I am so sorry! You have been great with me and Sophie, if their is anything I mean anything I can do for you and Cullen, please don't hestiate to ask. :grouphug:bighug:bighug:bighug:bighug:goodluck:getwell:candle:hope:hope:hope

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