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What To Dew? [gah! Bad Pun!]

Guest AxeYrCat

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Guest AxeYrCat

Our Galga, Giselle, broke the nail on one of her dew claws a few minutes ago.


I don't know if it's one of those situations where I should cut it off where it's split and then styptic pencil it, or if it's one that will necessitate a visit to the vet's office tomorrow. :unsure:



Also, if it's the latter, what should I do for her in the mean time?


She doesn't appear to be in any pain, but I doubt that our other hounds will be at all mindful...






This is Giselle:



And this is her left dew claw:




There are more images here.



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Been there, done that times 2. I slipped a piece of gauze betweent he dew claw and the leg, then padded the claw and bandaged. The first time, I had planned to take Jake in to get the claw removed as it was at a 45 degree angle. When I looked a day later the nail was in the bandage. No vet visit needed.

The last time not so bad an injury, so I put polysporin on it and let it heal. 5 days later his foot swelled, he had in infection. So either way, keep a close eye on it.


I would suggest doing what I did the first time and bandaging it (after soaking it) Check it daily, but it will probably heal up fine.

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We experience this on a regular basis. Each time, we have done nothing but clean it and keep an eye on it and let the dog work the nail out. It's probably so painful that they lick and lick and chew until the dew claw comes all the way off. Then, when it does, we keep an eye on it to ensure healing and no infection. Eventually, the dew claw grows back and we do it all over again. So far, no trips to the vet needed, but we'd go if we saw signs of infection. My husband is not generally a fan of covering minor wounds, maintaining the theory that air and/or oxygen is needed to help seal and heal.

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Guest AxeYrCat
My husband is not generally a fan of covering minor wounds, maintaining the theory that air and/or oxygen is needed to help seal and heal.


Thanks for your reply.


Your husband and I are of the same mind on that one, though my wife often likes to bandage things, thinking that bandages offer protection.




So far, Giselle seems to be fine. Bleeding stopped a while ago, without any styptics, so that's a big plus. :colgate

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