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Ew Tapeworms

Guest Silver

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I was giving Silver a bath and found a tapeworm segment under his tail. :puke

We're taking him to the vets sometime this week once my dad gets his money.


I've only had Silver for a month, so this will be his first visit to this pirticular vet.

So, should I ask for an injection of Drontal/Droncit? Is there anything I can do until we are able to get him to the vets? Should I ask for anything else?


Also what's a good flea/tick stuff for him and the house? A bomb really isnt possible for the house, so anything else other then that I could use?


Thanks in advance. :colgate

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You can order the same active ingredient as Drontal very inexpensively from AU and it will arrive within week.


I swear by Adams products as far as flea and tick. The spray works great on furniture, etc. If you just have fleas you could ask the vet about Advantage. If you have fleas and ticks both then ask about Frontline.

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I've seen a couple fleas so far but only on the floor when i get done batheing him. Never on him, and it's normaly only one flea. I didn't see the frontline spray in petsmart though.



I did see the Adams spray and shampoo though. I haven't bought any yet though but I will consider it.

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I see you're in FL, but if you want to try something less potentially poisonous, give Borax a shot. We saw the first fleas we've had here in 3 years this summer, and I really wanted to avoid pesticides, so I tried Borax. Worked fine! :D All over the house. Google it up, and follow the directions. It's cheap, and it's at your grocery store! :D


Good luck!


Oh, but for the tapeworms, yeah, we went the Drontal pill route. :/


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