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Breath Changes

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Alan has bad breath most of the time. But it changes - sometimes it smells like it's from the teeth (I'm pretty sure) and then other times it smells almost fishy.


1. He gets his teeth brushed once a week and cleaned with wipes more often. He also gets fish oil tablets. This is not new. His meds & vitamins & supplements have been the same for a long time. But the breath still changes now & then. He does have mild gingivitis.


2. I started using Oxyfresh (again) about 2 wks ago and I noticed yesterday that the gums are pretty much the same but his teeth are discolored - slightly brown. Does this happen with oxyfresh? Is it plaque working it's way off his teeth/gumline?


The vet does not want to do a dental b/c of his kidney disease AND high blood pressure. He's never had a dental:( [except for when I adopted him over 7 yrs ago].

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