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Threw Up After Taking Heart Worm Pill?

Guest Latch

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Every afternoon, I take Latch for a walk and he gets a few treats on the way for being good (maybe 4-5 small bites of something). When we get back, I brush him and he has some water. I then give him about 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt. He has never had a problem before. Well, yesterday we did our little routine and then I gave him his heart worm pill too. About an hour later he was standing next to me and then just threw up all over the floor. He has never done this before so I was wondering if maybe the pill made his stomach upset? Anyone else ever had this problem?


Last month when I gave him the pill, he didn't throw up after he ate it...


He hasn't thrown up any since yesterday afternoon so I am guessing he is fine now?


Also, if he did throw up the pill, I guess that defeats the purpose of it, huh??

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Guest Redpack

I'd call and ask your vet. They may want you to give him another in case he threw it up, although I believe they work for longer than exactly 30 days, so ask the experts. As for the heartworm meds causing the vomiting, I don't think there is anyway to know that unless it happens more than once.

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Our Angel Sophia threw hers up once and our vet said to give it to her again the next day. It was in the middle of summer during insect time. :blush


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