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Anal Glands

Guest jenwalsh

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For me, I had an inkling when Blitz was licking his bum rather often and slightly obsessively. I missed the actual expression of his glands, but Dr. Patty said they were quite full and that he should be feeling lots better (and he does seem to be licking less).


Another "classic" sign is scooting the bum across the floor, but I just can't picture a grey doing that.

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You can usually tell when it's time - slight musty smell (like wet towels that have been sitting enclosed in a small area for a few days), paying extra attention/cleaning of the area - if around another dog, they look like one long train because of the smell. We take Gracie to our vet and have them do the glands and nail clip/dremel at the same time - every 6 weeks approximately - makes it easier to get both "hatefully abusive" things out of the way at one time, or at least that's what Gracie thinks.


Some people take theirs to dog groomers who will do this as well - and I've been told it's relatively easy to do - I just am not so inclined to do so - that's about the only time I draw the line at doing something for our greyts.


Also, if you can make their stools a little firmer that is supposed to help them express their own glands naturally - but both of our greyts have had this issue and they were brother and sister, so not sure if it truly helps or not.



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If you notice a funky odor, often fishy, it can be a sign, as well.


Oh, and I should add: Many, if not most, dogs rarely, if ever, have problems with anal glands. If the stools are firm on a regular basis, you generally have nothing to worry about.

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Licking and the smell will let you know.

My mutt needs to be expressed a couple of times a year.

Here's a link to when Gracie's anal gland ruptured. Vet said it was good that it ruptured as it relieved the pain. She been a hiney licker on and off for years but never had a gland problem until this. There was no smell or butt dragging to warn us either.

icky butt post and pictures


Just editing to add the problem child Pudge has always had the firmest poops ever yet has chronic anal gland "issues."

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Psi is my only one I need to "have done" It is usually every 3 months and I know due to his obsessive licking. He does have one the vet says is "way down there" so I wonder if that is why he gets filled up? Never get a smell from him just licking

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Guest PinkDog

We've had five hounds that only needed it done on rare, rare occasions...but one who needs it done WEEKLY. He has chronically impacted anal glands. It was either take them out surgically, or learn to do it ourselves. We do it once a week externally (and get almost nothing out but it gives him some relief) and have the vet do it about once a month by pinching internally. His glands are apparently a little malformed.

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