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Morpheus And Cinder

Guest utp216

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I'm not sure if Kerrie every talked about our friends Jack and Terese or posted any pictures. There is a picture of her somewhere on the beach with the two greys, Coba and Morpheus.


Jack and Terese have been our friends for about fifteen years or so, I think I knew Jack before I even met Kerrie actually.


They are the couple that we rode motorcycles with and went to dinner with, etc. I'm not to sure how much if ever she spoke of them on here.


Jack and my nephew helped me move Kerrie and I's hutch to storage today as move my bike to Jacks garage. I took my camera along to get some pics of her wonderfull grey. He's such a big guy compared to Coba! :)


Here's Morpheus -








This is his housemate Cinder. Cinder is quite a funny dog with the stuff they have taught her to do! ;)




And this is not grey related but related to my life. My poor Suzuki in need of some TLC. :(




Take care, and I hope you like the pics!




BTW: Mod's - if this is the wrong place for this please move it. We really need a straight up pics and vids section on here.



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Thanks for the comments! Morpheus is an older boy. I think he's about 10-11 now. I have to find that pic of Kerrie holding the two of them at Dewey before her leg amputation! She (Kerrie) looked so cute that day! ;)




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