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Prayers And Good Thoughts Needed

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Kulee wasn't acting right this morning and I kept an eye on her but by noontime, I knew something wasn't right. I had one of the vets at work look at her and we did x-rays... she has some bony looking stuff in her intestines (weird because she doesn't eat raw) with both some stomach and intestinal distention. We've done several things to ty to make her more comfortable and to help but now it's just "waiting".




She threw up a little bit ago and then we walked her some. She had watery diarrhea and then passed a few small blobs of....... gravel!!! The little snot was eating gravel!!!!!!!!!


The good news is that she seems to be much more comfortable and she's now resting. This is the first she's laid down all day.


I hope everything continues on the good side.




Kulee appears to be MUCH better. We haven't fed her anything but we'll be taking an x-ray first thing this morning to see if things are moving and that her stomach is looking normal. She gave me quite a scare yesterday. What really gets me is that she is muzzled outside 99% of the time because she's a poop eater but she was left out on Wednesday afternoon for about 5 minutes without a muzzle and she goes and does something like this. I'm going to permanently attach her muzzle to her face! :P


Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes. GT prayers helped again. I'll update again once the x-ray is taken.


We took the x-ray and things are looking good. Most of the gravel has passed and although she still has some gas, she is MUCH, MUCH better than yesterday.



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I hope all the gravel has worked its way out and that she is feeling much better. The things our hounds eat!

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Oh no! Hope she continues to improve! Please keep us posted! :goodluck :goodluck


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Gravel??? Is there nothing these hounds of ours won't "sample"? I hope all turns out just to be a gravel-eating incident and she's back to her silly, abnormal self soon!


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I'm glad the gravel came out, goodness Kulee, don't be eating that stuff. :unsure


I have one that eats inappropriate things also. The last time (a few weeks ago) ended up being e-vet and $2500. I have found that if I can keep her stomach calm she doesn't do it, so Renie is on daily meds for her tummy.

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Oh yikes. Hope she is OK. (Hope Renie is OK too -- not much fun, the e-vet and $$$$ thing.)

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