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I don't post much but faithfully read GT a few times a day.


Our 11 1/2 yr old female, 67 lbs, went out to potty yesterday with a muzzle and stool guard on, she's a dirt and poop eater. My daughter was home from work sick and let her out, she threw up with the stool guard on (I'm always afraid that would happen) and inhaled some. Luckily my daughter was at the door keeping an eye on her and ran out took the muzzle off and she finished.


My DH was home, I was at work, she was very lethargic after that. They called the vet and he took her over.

Our regular vet was not in, the vet that took care of her gave her a shot of Centrine and pills of the same 0.2mg -2 tabs every 12 hours for 4 days, and pepcid every 12 hours for 2 days.


My question is has anyone given this med to their grey and is it the right dosage? If I was there I would have questioned her, but my dh didn't. I make myself nuts when it isn't our regular vet that prescribe the meds. He is greyhound savvy. Any input would be greytful, I start the pills this morning. Thanks

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Centrine is an anti-vomiting drug. I can't answer about dosage.

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Thanks for your replies............

I'll call the vet's when they open at 9 and have the receptionist ask our vet about the dosage. One good thing is that she came to me this morning to let me know she had to go out which is her norm she usually doesn't get up unless it's absolutely necessary. And her breakfast at 5:30 am is still staying down.

Thanks again.


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We just had to give this same med to one of my labs. It worked wonderfully. That is the same dose we gave my 35# lab.

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Thanks.....I called the vet and the dosage was fine. She's doing well and eating like a trooper again. She had a light meal Tuesday night and light breakfast Wednesday. She did keep giving us this sad face like is this all the food I get. :unsure :unsure

The stool guards are off the muzzles, that was scary. I'm just glad my daughter was watching her and able to get the muzzle off quickly.


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