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Torn Feet

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I am sure this was probably brought up before but I did a search and couldn't find too much. I noticed my dog's front pad got ripped off, like half of it. I put neosporin on it since it was bleeding a lil. I also have that emj jell. Which works better? Is there anything else I should be doing to help it heal? How long does it usually take to heal?



I forgot how to put a pic in my signature. Please pm me if you can help. Thanks

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Guest Brandy_b

When this happened to Caliloka I took her to the vet to get some antibiotics and some special cream stuff, plus they wrapped it. Seems like a minor injury but actually pad and feet problems can quickly progress to something more. Id get it check out etc just to be sure :)


<3 Brandy & Caliloka

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Guest zippsmum

Go to the vet, pad injuries can take a long time to heal, our bridge boy zip, lost three of his, toally riped off, when he bolted to avoid an aggressive dog on a walk. They took months to heal properly.

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