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Hello From Michigan...

Guest Iheartgreys

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Guest Iheartgreys


Hi everyone,


So after years of loving greyhounds from afar i am finally getting one! I am not sure exactly when, i have been told end of January, beginning of February... but i am so excited!


Also, so glad to have found this community online, what a great support system. :colgate


Oh, i guess i should give some info about me... my name is Sarah, and i have a hubby, Jamie. I also have a shar-pei, Gus and a kitty named Murrie. Gussy will be 5 in the spring, and Murrie will be 7.


So, i got a crate, it is one of the mesh kind, does anyone know anything about them? I liked it because it looks so easy to tote around, and also attractive.

I got a bed, 42x32... is that big enough? I actually bought 2 becasue i wanted to get Gus a new bed and I thought they should be the same... otherwise i might end up with Gus in the big bed and my new baby in a small bed.. :lol

So i guess the only other thing i need is a feeder... how tall do you all recommend? Any suggestions for affordable feeders?


And also, can i feed what i feed my dog now? I use Purina Pro Plan sensative skin and stomach.

It is actually a salmon based food. I free feed my dog now, not sure what to do about my newbie...


Thanks in advance, i will keep you posted on the status of my adoption!!! Yippee!!!




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Guest Che_mar_Cody

HI Welcome to GT Sarah


Congrats - I so remember that feeling I couldn't wait!

Sounds like your pretty good to go. For feeders I use Walmart plant stands and stainless bowls. I feed Cody Pro Plan but see what he or she is eating at that time from your group.

Your bed sounds good to me too - I like mine so I can share too :lol

Can't wait to see pictures of your baby

Congrats again and keep us posted!


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Guest WhenIGiveIn



Sounds like you are on the right track! I feed on a dinir room chair but lots of people have different options. I like the plant stand that was mentioned above!! I would think the 24" high ones would be sufficient.


So what part of Michigan are you in? What group are you adopting from? Im in the walled lake/Novi area.

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Guest KsFrets

Hello from Kansas! :gh_bow Congratulations! When we got Maggy, they said that if we feed him anything different than they did, to change it over slowly so that it's not a big change all at once.

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Guest WhenIGiveIn
I am in St Clair Shores, and i am going thru Michigan Greyhound Connection.

Everyone has been super nice so far!

Very cool a bit of a distance from me, I am getting married out that way though :)


Oh and wanted to add that I fed pro plan for atleast 20 years to dogs that I was showing and about a year ago started feeding Kirkland the costco brand dog food. Both are great foods and I still feel proplan to my poms because the kirkland kibble is to big. Switch slow and I am sure they will do great on proplan.



ets: I dont know anyone with Mi Greyhound Connection, I work with GEM (greyhounds of Eastern Michigan) Can't wait to see pics of your new family member!!

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It sounds like you have everything set up for the new baby. I had a old man make me a feeder for 3 of my dogs and it is great. He was saling them at a Flea Market. I wish you lots of Happiness from South Carolina.

Darlene Mom to: Aladdin, Sophie ,Pongo, Jasmine, Relic Forever in our Hearts Champ at the Rainbow Bridge.

Let a greyhound race into your heart Adopt

Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions INC. Naples/ Fort Myers Chapter

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Congratulations from Maine!

We also use plant stands to raise feeding bowls. And when changing food, have done it gradually to allow sensitive stomachs to get used to the new food.

Best of luck!

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