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Granulation - Recommendations On Products To Help Please

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A friend who is not on this board has a pup who had surgery on the hip to remove a tumour about a week ago. The stitches pulled out (darn this thin skin) and were replaced. At this point the stitches are mostly holding except in the middle, and the surgeon doesn't want to touch it. The dog has been put on antibiotics and the wound has been cleaned carefully by the vet for the last 2 days.


I tried searching this forum just now for the words granulation and granulex (which I think is a product) but got an error message each time.


If any of you has had a good experience with products that help granulation, would you please post or PM me? Thank you!

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The thing we've tried and had great success with is colloidal silver. We got it from our vet but you can also get it from health food shops etc. We got a liquid which came with a dropper (like rescue remedy does) and we had to drop a few drops onto the wound every day. The wound healed within about 5 days.


(It was a fair sized wound from hip surgery on one of our mutts and he kept taking the stitches out)

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What I have used after surgery and with a large open wound is Facilitator. You could literally see the granulation progress day by day. link

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Granulex is incredible- its really helped us heal up a number of nasty wounds. I also use emt gel with it.


We did a great job on a nasty neck tear at Dewey this year. Friend's dog came with a wound and within the week of twice daily cleanings it was noticeably smaller and within two weeks was pretty much gone.


You can find granulex at kv vet http://wwwkvvet.com



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