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"peticure" Nail Trimmer


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Anyone have any experience with this product?


---Clinky-Link to "Peticure" website---


Worth a shot?

...sharing the journey with my best friend, Kevin, and our four greyhounds:
Littermates Sweetie* & Spicy (Possible Betsy, Possible Edna),

Moody* (Jr's Moody Man), and Dragon (Kiowa Dragonfire)

*Gone to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge

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Guest greyhound_mommy

Well I love my dremel. It looks nice the only thing is it was never turned on that I noticed when they were holding it up to the pet's nail. I think it would hinder me only because of the back and forth motion. Halle likes to lay down when I do her nails so I think it would be an awekward angle for me.

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Guest luvRgreys

It looks like a variation of the dremel, when you click on the order link, the sanding bands are dremel like sanding bands I buy. I do like the idea that it catches the nail dust.

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