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Nucleic Red Blood Cells


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I had my 9 year old female greyhound into the vets for an exam due to her loss of appetite and seeming a bit lethargic (that lasted for about a week and a half, but she is now getting back to normal). All of her tests and bloodwork came back normal with one exception - my vet just called and said she is showing some nucleic red blood cells - three per one hundred white cells.


My vet said she has seen some cases of a lower level (one per one hundred white cells) but she thinks the three per hundred that Chick is showing bears watching. Since Chick is doing okay now, we've opted to monitor her for a few weeks and then do another CBC to see what that shows. But in the meantime, I wanted to ask here if anyone has any experience with this or knowledge they can share.


Thanks in advance.



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Nucleic RBC's are ones that aren't yet mature, and as such *should* be holed up in the bone marrow, maturing until they lose their nucleus and hit the great wide world of the bloodstream. If a significant number can be found in the bloodstream, it is worth monitoring.



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