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I just get the plain old Ensure - Vanilla flavor. No additional Protein.


I have a boy who has a vascular anomaly (constricted esphogus), so he often regurgitates food. He eats only pureed food, but is at risk of aspiration pneumonia. The Ensure seems to help push his food down & the additional nutrition helps him when he does have a bad day eating.


I have a 14.7yo who gets a can of Ensure after each meal. She has become very picky & it helps keep the weight on her. When I can't find anything she wants to eat - I usually try 3-4 things before giving up - I will give her a can just for the nutrition. She never passes on her milkshake.


Jennifer Watkins

Shamrock Greyhound Placement

Louisville KY

Jennifer Watkins

Shamrock Greyhound Placement, Louisville, KY

Greyhound Festival of the Bluegrass -July 19-21, 2013

Holiday Inn/Hurstbourne, Louisville KY

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There's only three grams of protein difference between the high protein and "regular" flavor, based on the info provided there. Some differences in the carbs and fat, but not so much. If there's no price difference, the high protein should be fine.


I remember a long time ago, my buddy's dog got knocked up. After birth, she was skinny so I gave her a mix of kibble and strawberry Ensure. It seemed to help.

Coco (Maze Cocodrillo)

Minerva (Kid's Snipper)

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