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Suds Has A Puncture Wound.

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Yesterday afternoon the dogs were playing outside while I was feeding the horses. Tucker and Mickey were trying to get Suds to play. I heard a yip but everyone looked ok. I didn't see anything on any of them when they came in and they were all acting fine.

At bedtime I saw some blood on Suds. When I checked him I found a puncture wound low on the side of his neck....in the crease under his tag collar. It was no longer bleeding and didn't appear that deep. I cleaned it and put antibacterial cream on it. He slept on my bed and it looked ok a few hours later.

This morning he had a little drainage on his fur under the wound. He is white so it is easy to see. I cleaned it again. It is not bleeding but looks bigger and deeper than it did last night. The opening on the fur is about the size of a dime or a little smaller. The inside area is smaller. It's in a spot that keeps getting stretched open when he moves. I'm going to call the vet when they open. Do things like this usually require antibiotics? It doesn't appear to bother him and is not bleeding but I'm worried about infection.

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Guest DaiyesDad

Better to ask your vet and not need them, than to turn into a full blown infection. With cuts and simple lacerations, we just clean it very well and use spray on Bactine. With anything worse like a puncture wound, its always a quick trip to see Dr. Woods. :rolleyes:

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