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Ewww... A Tick!

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I just pulled a tick off Blitz's back. I noticed a bump there yesterday when I was petting him and thought it was a skin tag or something because he didn't want me touching it, so I left it alone. Touched it again today while he was standing in front of me looking for pets while I was sitting on the couch, so I decided to investigate. I still thought it was a skin tag until I saw the wiggling legs. Ewww.


So I put it in alcohol and will take it to work with me tomorrow and see if Dr. Patty wants to start a prophylactic dose of doxycycline since it was there at least 24 hours. I admit I've been stretching the Frontline to 45 days during the winter, so I just dosed everyone since it's been at least a month. I think I'll be more vigilant about that now and just do it monthly. (I've also had a very itchy scalp since finding that tick about an hour ago... :P )


And then since I'm "here," I received word today that Blitz's UTI has cleared up, but the specialist wants us to keep him on the Baytril a week longer and have another culture and sensitivity done a week after that to make sure it really is gone.

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Ick! I pulled a tick off of Tippy the other day too, I have NEVER seen one in the winter here but we have had weird weather here.


Hope everything is ok!

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