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Anesthesia For Hounds

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Would like to know the current thoughts on the most appropriate and safe anesthesia protocol for greyhounds. Anybody have or know of some good reference for review?

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Guest greytlady

Not sure of any reference, but my vets have changed from the ketamine/valium induction to propafol (spelling?) with iso maintenance. They seem to wake up much easier too.

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Guest gomiesmom

Our Boy had his first dental ( w/ us) Dec 7th. I was very anxious, to the point I think I made the vet a little mad. I wanted to make sure they weren't going to kill him, or he wasn't going to end up w/ malignant hyperthermia, and they knew what to do if he did, etc. I relied on Dr. Stacks article. My vet used Isoflourine gas ( I think it's a pediatric gas & Stack's article references it) and they did not pre-medicate ( partly because Gomer is so docile) He woke up fine w/ no problems. The same vet used the same gas on our 15 yr old Min Collie, although she had a horrible time w/ alertness after, but that was health issues w/ her, not the anestetic. I did freak a little, since our old vet used to monitor the collies hearts during the process and current vet does not, they rely on the tech to watch for signs of distress, but was assured w./ this type of gas, they keep them under just enough and can control the flow so well that they can immediately bring them out of it.

FYI- I always have pre-anestetic (sp) blood work done to make sure no problems lurking......


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Less than a week ago, one of my gals had to be put under. They used Torbugesic and Isoflurane, both listed as acceptable for use in greyhounds. She had a HORRIBLE time coming out of it! (I've had a lot experiences with all sorts of animals. This was one of the all time worst - not the injury, but the post anesthesia.) She was keening and screaming for over 40 min, while hallucinating and spasming for a longer period. Torbugesic is an opioid. Even 12 hours later she was incredibly groggy, and it took over 24 hrs before she was truly normal. She was vomiting, and it took a long time for her to have any interest in drinking or eating. I've NEVER seen an animal have such a rough time post anesthesia.


I mentioned this to a breeder, who was appalled that this was used. She said that they've been having very good results with Propfol and Sevoflurane or Isoflurane. The Propofol/Sevo combination is their first choice with these dogs. It seems the dogs wake up very easily, quickly, and well - no pink bunnies.


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