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Culturelle. Anyone Use It?


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When we saw the holistic vet today, she mentioned putting Teddy (and the other 3) on Culturelle. She said she uses it for her dogs and for herself so I thought I'd add this to the list.



anyone else use it?


Currently, Teddy is taking a disc supplement (thanks burpdog), glucosomine, missing link and pet tabs.

The others are getting all of the above except for the disc stuff.



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Culturelle consists of Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which presumably was first cultured out of a human gut or yogurt or some other milk product.


The problem comes in that the gut of dogs is different than that of omnivores like humans; the pH is lower (which may explain why there are fewer concerns about dogs and raw meat products), and the bacterial flora is different. In short, the bacteria in the cultures may not survive all that long once they're in the dog.


But, hey- if it works, it works, you know?

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