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Tick Panels

Guest artemiss

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Guest artemiss

I have a question..I am looking to get the tick panel ran for Ezri, and have came across some older articles indicating that Prota Tek Labs out in AZ offered a discounted tick panel for greys..does anyone know if this is still the case, or if there is a special request for the greyhound tick panels?

When I spoke with the vet about getting one ran, she mentioned sending off a SNAP, which, if I understood correctly, is NOT the preferred test?

I just wanted as much info to take into her as possible when I am defending my case/request.



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Guest TinasTroops

It is, I beleive it is about $65 US if I am correct. There is a form as well that you need. Email me and I can send you a copy.


I also have more information in regards to another local who does tick testing and I obtained that information from Dr Couto.


It is called a 4xSnap I beleive, it does do some tick testing but I don;t beleive it does all of them.



Here we go,


After the Dr Couto seminar

last May - We have been informed that Protek's percentage of error

is quite high.


I would not have it done anywhere else but at the University of

North Carolina. Dr. Breidtschwerdt is the vet and apparently he is

the resident expert (and it would appear that he's still there).


The issue with tick borne disease is that there are so many to test

for and each one costs. Here is the form that is used by UNC -

http://www.cvm.ncsu.edu/docs/PDFS/VBDDL_se...mples_12.06.pdf .

There's some really good information on tick-borne disease on the

UNC's site at http://www.cvm.ncsu.edu/docs/ticklab.html


Prototek as it would appear (as per Dr

Couto's talk) that they get a lot of false positives and Dr. Holland

always recommends treatment for dogs that are showing no clinical

signs of TBD which I am not sure I agree with.


Dr. Couto also made mention of a very new Snap 4DX test – this

tests for heartworm as well as some tick borne disease (at least I

think it covers heartworm). Anyway, here is a link related to this -




Hope this helps.

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I just printed the form from North Carolina State University's web site and my vet's office sent the blood to them. NCSU

the form link


NCSU is supposed to be number one at this time for tick diseases.

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