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Bridge Kid -- Winslow's Diet


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Greytlady94 asked about Winslow's diet for the past year and I know I've posted it in another thread too, so I thought I would start a new thread. From the Winslow's Diary thread (somewhere around page 6). I was amazed when I saw him--how a dog his size can do so well on canned!


Hi Diane,


This diet is something I made up by doing my own research and figured it would be best for Winslow. So far, so good.


5:00 AM- 1-100 mg. Artemisinin from HOLLEY PHARMACEUTICALS ONLY. (recommended by Dr. Couto) I give it with 1/2 cup yogurt. I just put the pill down his throat. They taste terrible so I never open the capsule or try to get Winslow to eat it.


7:30 AM- 1can 95%beef (sometimes 95% rabbit) EVO. 1/2 can chicken and turkey EVO. These are no grain lo carb. The chicken and turkey has veg in it as well. (I know, there's no proof that carbs feed osteosarcoma, but I'm not taking any chances. The DRY EVO GIVES WINSLOW THE BIG D)


To this, I add 1/2 scoop TRANSFER FACTOR (I heard about this from Sam Call, and my regular vet also said do it.) 5 big fish oil capsules (Nature Made 1200 mg.) 1- 175 mg. Milk Thistle (Winslow had some liver damage when he took RIMADYL- his liver is normal now, but I keep him on the Milk Thistle anyway.) 1 Super Joint Enhancer from 1800Petmeds-( He has a little arthritis- this pill is the same as COSEQUIN-it's glucosamine).


Late morning- 1 egg- COOKED. NEVER EVER RAW.


12 NOON- 1 JUMBO GREENIE (tooth cleaner, he eats all canned food) and 1 BURPDOG BISCUIT (I really think the biscuit is beneficial and Winslow loves them).


5:00 PM-- 1 can of 95% Beef, 1/2 can of chicken and turkey. 1 FULL SCOOP of Transfer Factor, 2- 50mg. CoEnzymeQ10 capsules, (Winslow has a heart murmur- this was recommended by his regular vet) 1 vitamin E capsule 400mg. (This again is because he had liver damage from the RIMADYL). 3 fish oil capsules, 1 Super Joint Enhancer. In the evening Winslow is also given a little vegetable from our table. Either broccoli, sweet potato, or fruit, peach or banana. Sometimes he wants it, sometimes not.


10:00 pm. Winslow gets a snack. 1 big spoonful of 95% beef with a little "burpdust" (the crumbs of the Burpdog Biscuits). Because the canned food is not as filling as the kibble, they need more. If he doesn't get his snack, he's up during the night crying to be fed.


I open all capsules and put them on his food. I crush the glucosamine tablets and add them as well. The transfer factor is powder. All supplements get blended into the food.


You will notice that I give the arte 2.5 hours before breakfast. I also reserve the larger dose of Transfer Factor, the vitamin E and the CoEnzyme Q 10 for the evening meal. This is because they are all antioxidant and I want them to be given many hours away from the ARTE.


Feeding 95% meat didn't seem to have everything necessary for a dog's well being. This is why I give the chicken and turkey EVO as well. If he gets all chicken and turkey, he gets the BIG D. The transfer factor has so many vitamins in it that I believe he's covered for a balanced meal. He also gets a little table veg.. if he wants it.


Feeding all canned food isn't doing his teeth any good. I brush, scrape, and add OXYFRESH PET ORAL HYGIENE SOLUTION to his drinking water in an effort to keep his teeth as healthy as possible.


I try to show why I give him everything. This diet is based on my own NON scientific research, the recommendation of others, and my knowledge of Winslow. It seems to be working. He has an exceptional coat, energy, his weight is good, his nails are good, he doesn't have the big D, and he's happy and eats everything I give him.







Hi Diane,


OOPS! I should mention that I don't give Winslow ARTE on the weekends. I read that it is absorbed better if you give it a little time off. So, he gets it only Monday thru Friday

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Just a bump up as someone was asking :)


Can't believe Winslow will be gone 2 years this August :(



As an aside, current research indicates you no longer need to cycle artemisinin and they do recommend anti-oxidants to enhance its effect, but given away from the arte like Glynis said. The artemisinin and cancer yahoo group is the best resource for up to date info on that.


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Thank you, Diane!

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I was thinking about Winslow and his parents recently and wondered how they are doing (the parents). Are you still in contact with Glynis? I seem to remember that they adopted another dog -- non greyhound maybe? If you still e-mail her, tell her that Winslow has not been forgotten. His poop bag stories still make me smile! :)



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