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Vasculopathy/tick Diseases/cell Food

Guest CyndiW

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A couple of months after Alex ate the corn cobs and ended up with a massive abdominal infection, sepsis, DIC, pancreatitis, etc from the exploratory surgery, he developed some places on his skin. I thought that it could be ringworm but after months of testing, scrapings, and finally biopsies by a dermatologist, he was diagnosed with immune-mediated vasculopathy. The dermatologist is assuming that this developed from sepsis but wanted to rule out tick-borne diseases. The panel came back negative although they only tested for 3. I am waiting to hear back from the vet on my recommendation to check for more although we have never seen a tick on him. He is 11 and we have had him since he was 2.5 but I worry that he could have been a carrier and the sepsis could have caused it to become active. I don't even know if this is possible but at this point I am not ruling anything out.


He has been placed on Trental for the vasculopathy. He has developed quite a few skin lesions over the past few months causing hair loss, infection, itching, etc. The dermatologist is hopeful that the med will put him in remission and we will be able to discontinue med after 6 months or decrease the dosage. His holistic vet wants me to put him on Cell Food as well to help bring more oxygen to the depleted tissue. It sounds like a great product but I could not find any previous postings on greytalk when doing a search. After his episode with sepsis, he was suddenly unable to eat solid food without choking/vomiting. A fluoroscopy found the upper 1/3 of his esosphagus no longer works. The dermatologist said that vasculopathy is a systemic disease of the vascular system but that skin is the only place that can really "talk" to us. I have this crazy theory (just for a lack of better one) that maybe the tissue in his esophagus was oxygen depleted and this caused the damage. I am being optimistic that not only will his skin lesions get better but that his esophagus will regain some of its use (although we were told that the damage is permanent).


Does anyone have any experiences with vasculopathy or the product Cell Food? Also, is it possible for a tick disese to lie dormant for that many years? He has always been a muscular, healthy boy with a hearty appetite until all of this happened a few months ago. Another problem that we are having now is muscle wasting and anorexia which makes me not want to rule out the tick diseases so quickly. Currently, all of his regular bloodwork looks great.

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