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My 5 year old greyhound/whippet mix was just diagnosed with Uveitis. Keeva is currently taking prednisone and Prednisolone eye drops. Poor Keeva is just not herself, she's been on the drops/prednisone three days with a bit of improvement. Anyone have a grey with this and how long did it take for them to feel better?


As a side note I had Uveitis several years ago and it was quite uncomfortable, hoping it is not as bad for Keeva. Thanks

Lindda, Valor, Keeva and Bella

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Guest greyttech

My kitten had uveitis a few months ago, it took a good 2 weeks to completely heal. We did however have a significant improvement after 3-5 days.

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Hi Linda!


My first greyhound, Kody, had post-traumatic iritis (uveitis of the anterior chamber of the eye) after being struck in the eye with a ball. It was obviously painful and very sensitive to light. He improved rapidly with steroid drops.


Was the vet able to determine why Keeva developed uveitis? Just as in humans, uveitis may reflect an underlying autoimmune disorder, so if the vet couldn't find an obvious cause, a comprehensive workup would probably be appropriate. Uveitis can be a chronic or relapsing condition, and is sight-threatening. A friend's galgo has been battling uveitis for several years. Can you get a referral to a vet ophthalmologist?


Small world (of eyes, that is) - I was diagnosed with uveitis 2 years ago, caused by an autoimmune disorder. :) . Still get to go to Boston to get my eyes dilated and scrutinized every 6 weeks.


Keep us posted on Keeva - I hope this is a one-time deal and that she recovers quickly. Mafi sends kisses to Valor.




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Hi Jordan,

Thanks for the input. Today, after 5 days of treatment Keeva's eyes are looking better and she seems to be more like herself. When I bring her in for follow up I am going to talk to the vet about other tests necessary, there is a visiting vet opthamologist who is at the practice monthly if we need to see him.


Valor is doing well, he is my old guy in the group, now ten and very healthy/happy. He has finally gotten used to the new puppy and she finally understands that he just is not interested in playing with her. Hope you and all the pups are well!


Linda, Valor, Keeva and Bella

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Guest CaroleWithRunningDogs

Hi - My dear Patch had it after he was struck in the eye with a strick that he didn't apparently didn't see when going down/sniffing something else. It was not a fun experience. He felt better relatively quickly after medication, but the tests/stains were not making him a happy camper, and it took us a good 2 months of treatments. It also took my car down payment as we had to go in weekly as well as 3 or 4 exams, plus all the antibiotics.


But it has been years since that eye assault, with no aftermath. We do see a greyhound specialist who was able to deal with the issue. If your vet isn't really greyhound savvy I wouldn't hesitate to see a specialist. My neighbor's bassethound had to have her dog's eye replaced. So I know it is nothing to fool around with. I had no idea such things happened.


Good luck. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. Perhaps the reason ours was not a recurring issue was because it was the result of an injury?


:gh_face Carole

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