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Neurological Problems: Brain Tumors In Greys?

Guest bandit

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Guest bandit

Hi everyone this is my first time on your site. I need some advice on what to do for Bandit who is 12years old. He had come down with a supposively neurological problem, which happened within a few weeks time which is so not like his personality to slow down AT ALL. This grey was never sick a day in his 10+ years with me.

It started after a jump out of a SUV which injured his hind leg. He favored this by not putting weight on it and in time I noticed him draging it when he walked. Maybe a week later he started this with the front paw on the same side. I also feel he cannot see out of the same side eye. This could be a result of him scatching his cornea 8 months ago ( my guess ).

Took him to the neurologist recommeded by my vet but he feels he would not subject a 12 year old grey to general anesthesia for an MRI. He had some blood tests and came up + for lymes which he was treated with AB's. He started more frequently with the panting and we are going back to the doctors tomorrow because I am very worried.

Tomorrow I will ask him to do any test possible to see if it could be any other contributing factors causing the physical changes and the panting. He was also noted with a heart arrythemia but they felt it was the severe stress he exhibits when I take him into the vet hospital.

I would appreciate any help at any level.


MaryBeth and Bandit

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Lyme can cause many issues. I hope he is being treated at the high end of the dosing.


You can find out a lot of information on the tick list -- either search, or ask questions. Many knowledgable people and vets on board!


Tick List


edited to add: I would not hesitate to do a MRI on a 12 yr old.....I'm surprised at the vet's comment.

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